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Wellness And Fitness Services (Gym Services)

At our facility, we offer wellness and fitness services because we believe this is an essential part of healthcare. Thus, if you need to reduce weight, have a flat tummy, and burn fats, we have a well-functioning gym center and massaging services we have an expert trainer as well as series of motivating videos on gym and exercises downloaded from YouTube’s to make you feel at home when you are at our facility.

Registration: Daily Registration:#350, Weekly Registration:#1,500, Monthly Registration :#6,000

Monday -Saturday :6am-8pm

Sunday :2pm -8pm


Pharmacy Section

We have among us competent and registered pharmacists who are ready to provide consultation on: Effective drug Use, Drug Information and Education, Medication and Prescription Errors, Intervention, Medication Therapy Management services, etc.

For example, Medication therapy management, generally called medicine use review, is a service provided typically by pharmacists.

The medication therapy review has the pharmacist review all of the prescribed medications, any over the counter medications, and all dietary supplements an individual is taking. This allows the pharmacist to look for any duplications or dangerous drug interactions. This service can be incredibly valuable for people who are older, have several chronic conditions, take multiple medications, or are seen by numerous doctors. Assess the Consultation platform to speak to a pharmacist as they can also provide you with a link to get safe and cost-effective drugs and address your drug-related questions.


Healthcare Service

Our healthcare services provide you a real-time meeting with our healthcare provider to make your complaint and get treated. Depending on your health condition, an appropriate medical expert will handle your case and you can be sure you will get the best medical care services available.

However, if you are not in Ado Ekiti where our main facility is located, we got you covered. You only need to tell us where your location is and you will be referred to one of our registered healthcare providers. We have cardiologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, general surgeons, Pharmacists, nurses available who are registered with us across the country, and are ready to be available to attend to your conditions. BOOK NOW

Practical Health Workshop Service

My Health and Drug Consult notice that there is a wide gap between what students in the college of health, pharmacy schools, Medical schools, nursing schools, and Medical laboratory schools are being taught and what is happening in practice. We, therefore, offer to help any student who wants to know the more practical aspect of what is being taught in school to increase your knowledge and increase your motivation for the beautiful career you have chosen. We help students to develop confidence and acquire many skills involved in their chosen course of study as well as providing a more relaxing learning environment to learn various practicals engaged in different classes.

We also provide seminar Workshop Training for patent medicine dealers, Community health extension workers, Traditional birth Attendance, etc. intending to increase their knowledge and make them render their services ethically and effectively in the society.

We can do this because we have many competent healthcare professionals among us, and we believe individuals, the public, and students in health-related colleges can benefit immensely from our series of life-changing Seminar Workshops.

To register for our Seminar Workshops, you can contact the admin. Click Here

Health Consultation Services

Our consultation services allow you to have an interaction with a health expert about your health and anything that bothers you in health and drug-related matters. We provide consultation services on wide-ranging diseases, medical conditions and drugs, and drug uses. Thus, with this service, you will be given access to our medical or Drug expert to address you health conditions and concerns about your medications.No doubt this service is going to a very good one towards improving your health situation as well as increase your knowledge and education on a particular health condition and Drugs


Medical and Pharmaceutical Textbooks Sales

We understand that majority of textbooks in Medical, Pharmacy, nursing, pharmacy Technician Departments are very excessive, and most times, students always are left with the option to borrow or sometimes not able to get such textbooks. We have compiled many textbooks in these departments and other departments and packaged them in affordable formats. We also have many questions and answers past questions in those departments as well as case studies for students and others to refresh their knowledge. Get in touch with MHDC through our contacts and get the textbooks and study aids at affordable prices.


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