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Do you know you can register with MHDC for different business and professional services?

  • As a registered health care provider, you can register free with MHDC for interprofessional and collaborative professional services.We can link you with our clients or any business available and much more.
  • Register your Company:We can help promote your company through constant display and exhibition of your company on our website as well as other attached social media.Those who have done that have benefited immensely.
  • Register your product:We also can help push your products to potential buyers through our promotional and advertisement ways on our website and other social media.
  • Register as our client:If you register with us ,you are going to have full access to us and enjoy our services chosen by you at reduced cost.
  • Register for gym services:Visit our main office in ado for your fitness services as you can burn fat, loose weight and reach that target size you so much want.
  • Register for our Health Workshop Training:You can do this if you want to learn some basic Clinical procedures and skills in hospital, pharmacy ,nursing and laboratory practice.This will turn you into a better healthcare provider.
  • Booking or pay for our customized polo T-shirt

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